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With our consistent focus on mechanical designing and seamless manufacturing consolidated with an integrated system, we pursue to achieve and deliver economic and competitive solutions. Pioneered by trained industry professionals, we adhere to innovation and invention in the engineering domain.

At Ebenus, we understand the implication of an error-free product development lifecycle – thanks to our decades of experience and legacy. With the highest understanding of flawless mechanical testing, we aid companies in executing thorough scrutiny of product design and curating prototypes to examine product performances. Our hard-and-fast mechanical engineers perform an automated testing process and detailed programmable assessment to ensure the viability of the products and notify further points of improvements aligning with the industrial standards.

Established in 2016 with widespread expertise and knowledge in Mechanical Engineering Solutions, Ebenus contributes to prototype development, automated manufacturing framework, end-to-end engineering services, concept viability and more. Our experienced engineers and trained technical support teams engage worldwide methodologies, cutting-edge technologies and best-in-class practices that cater to “out-of-the-way” ideas, process-centric solutions and scalable services. 

Having an in-house team of genuine multi-disciplinary team of mechanical engineers and Technical staff, Ebenus offers business consultations to bring your imagination into engineered solutions. We endeavour to eliminate industrial roadblocks and manufacturing defects by adopting IoT, advanced design mechanisms, and optimal manufacturing services that reward high-tech products and uninterrupted performances.

Internet of Things

Software-driven controlling networks with IIoT have enabled seamless knowledge transfer to the digital world while resolving bottlenecks.

Computer-Aided Design

Multi-disciplinary product configurations maintaining global CAD/CAM standards to streamline the product development cycle across all industry verticals.

Industry 4.0

Enforce revolutionary automation components in the mechanical domain with data visualisation, smart manufacturing, advanced algorithms and cyber-physical system.
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Custom Manufacturing Processes with CNC

With the rising technology penetration in mechanical engineering and manufacturing verticals, computerised facilities have been used to carry out CNC-enabled (computer numerical control) business solutions. While leveraging the potency of IIoT and advanced algorithms, the seasoned leaders of Ebenus have taken complete control over the operations and movement of CNC machinery.

To deliver result-driven solutions, our facilities are equipped with adequate resources that offer futuristic ideations, customised solutions and a broad array of facilities that meets the unique demands of unique mechanical engineering projects and Die-cut projects. Due to our extensive industry experiences in advanced devices, machinery, electronics, enterprise application management, and more domains, we are here to resolve design challenges and lead the global manufacturing industry.

Our skilled engineers and tech experts utilise global standards methodologies, premium die-cut fabrication mechanisms and superior material to streamline products into production and go live on the market with zero to nominal lag time. Make smart business decisions choosing Ebenus offerings:

CNC Programming
Productivity Monitoring
Cycle Time Reduction
Numerical Control

Our Commitment to Excellence

with Top-of-the-line Mechanical Acumen.


We coordinate our engineering services with e-business applications and tech-driven facilities that catalyse groundbreaking changes. Seamlessly resolve to confound optimal product lifecycle testing procedures, leading to the efficient execution of processes and technology.


At the heart of Ebenus Mechanical Engineering, “automation”, “augmented reality”, and CNC & NC mechanisms acquire a vital space. We propel futuristic innovations and impeccable design principles that drive interoperable manufacturing solutions by significantly disseminating standardised performance metrics.


Our industrial leadership is supported by a pool of qualified technical staff, human resources and skilled engineers who set us miles apart from the market competition. To deliver competent manufacturing and testing solutions, we have blended out-of-odd ideation with modified tech stacks to ramp out adequate resources for every project, even on short notice.


Our domain experts extend their kind arms from business ideation to manufacturing to delivery with upgraded mechanisms and profound industry knowledge. To accomplish our promises for accuracy, we have consolidated trailblazing practices, contemporise machinery, and supreme engineering.
Dynamics for your business

What Makes us Holistic, Sustainable & Intelligent?

With 7+ years of legacy, Team Ebenus can offer custom-tailored turnkey solutions for every business application, process & industry.
Concept Design to Final Execution - Our pride is associated with end-to-end solution delivery.
An in-house professional expertise in total manufacturing solutions and augmented reality.
Agenda to cater to rapid market demands with scalability in mind.
Impactful solutions and production of bespoke machinery and tool for your business.

Put an end to industry bottlenecks!Tech-optimised Engineering & DesignServices

Incubate dynamic opportunities and real-time engineering capabilities with full-fledged manufacturing services. We Offer Turnkey Solutions.

End-to-End Product Development Solution

Product conceptualisation,
Sample Design/ Prototyping,

Mechanical Design & Analysis

Model-Based Design,
Speciality Design & Improvement,
Design of Experiment (DoE)

Mechanical testing

Reliability Testing,
Impact Testing,
Life Cycle Testing


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT),
Product Configurators
More services

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