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Let's unwrap new ways to operate a competitive business for business and deliver meaningful consultations!

Ebenus, India’s leading business consulting firm, is committed to rendering enterprise excellence, strengthening collaborations, empowering ideations and nurturing long-standing business growth. We aim to build a robust foundation for futuristic enterprise expansion at the core of the competitive orb.

In this 7+ long years of industry experience, we widespread our services from engineering and IT to business assistance and technical staffing. Our facilities are certified to maintain international standards, be it quality management or customer support. We are fortunate to engage exceptionally talented minds to meet all the benchmarks of the organisation’s progress.

Team up with us to resolve business challenges in the most practical, cost-effective way — we approach business consulting conversations with mindful ideas and passion for tireless support.

As an association of experienced engineers and industry experts, we are driven by the common purpose of achieving customer satisfaction and countless client acquisition. We stroll one step ahead to deliver strategic consultations for every progressing business need!

As a family owned and operated company we are hands on business owners and intimately involved in daily operations. Time on the shop floor interacting with employees is routine, promoting their development and be proud of their work.

Standing as a top-echelon Engineering and Business Consulting Firm, we adhere to continual improvement and a perfect blend of lean and agile enterprise principles. While the lean methodologies focus on streamlining business flows, significantly cutting down the consultation time, the agile mechanisms prioritise swift adaptation to changing industry requirements.

With ongoing innovations and the discovery of intelligent technologies in the era of Industry 4.0, we have incorporated excellent state-of-the-art processes into our solution capabilities. Unlike other multinational business establishments, we only acknowledge data-enabled strategies and KPIs. 




Let us show our skills and expertise to help you with the right consulting and assistance.


Our team discuss and diagnose client requirements and identifies every possible opportunity while conducting a SWOT analysis of client business.

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We take strict notes according to the client’s feedback and plan further actions.


While implementing desired consulting solutions, we emphasise customer engagement.

Presentation and Reporting

Our business consulting solution incorporates an all-inclusive business presentation followed by reports inclusive of findings and assessments.

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We stick to reliable business consulting solutions that offer extending business partnerships.

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Employs passionate leadership across engineering and business disciplines. Leveraging the power of data-driven insights and business intelligence, it is time to empower SMEs through interoperability.
BIM implementation

BIM implementation

Coordinating, communicating and cooperating for exceptional BIM plan and execution.

BIM implementation

Data Rich Design

Data Rich Design

Analysing current business models and embedded BIM warranty information for seamless operation.

Data Rich Design

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Measure management metrics and take informed decisions.

Business Analytics

Dynamo Script Development

Dynamo Script Development

Assisting AEC leaders with graphical programming.

Dynamo Script Development

Buiness Consulting
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Our Unique CapabilitiesCapabilities

Fostering business development with our impeccable enterprise acumen, we stand for industry competency, data accuracy and collaboration capabilities with a precise understanding of internal and external strategies which lead to excellent project deliverables from Ebenus.

Our unique solutions comprise
Impressive business support
End-to-end consultation
Re-engineered process
Encounter successful SLAs
Resourcing & training
Get curated solutions


From project ideation to final execution, find supportive consultants at every phase.


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