Our Leaders


Our Leaders

Director of Engineering

Mr. Chandrappa B C

With 22+ years of engineering and automotive experience, Chandrappa B C has delivered an excellent strategic vision for Ebenus. As an ambitious and optimistic leader, he consistently motivates the team to achieve winning milestones by providing the highest quality projects. Being the director of the engineering department of Ebenus, Chandrappa B C has guided the team with the most effective operational plan to position the organization as an innovative solutions platform. Under his supervision, Ebenus will deliver advanced projects meeting short and long-term visions today and tomorrow.

With uber support and skills from a fantastic team, I believed in combining vision with realism and building a foundation, and here we are today with Ebenus.

Director of Manufacturing

Mr. Puttegowda P M

Puttegowda P M is a manufacturing domain expert with 30+ years of substantial industry experience. He possesses strong expertise and hands-on experience in tool design and component manufacturing across the Aerospace, Hi-Tech, and Automotive industries.

In his long years of career, Mr. Puttegowda remained attached to many prestigious institutions like TATA Technologies, HAL, Bombardier, and ASCO. He also acquired exemplary manufacturing practices to build a strong foundation for Ebenus. As a skilled CNC and NC programmer, he successfully delivered ROI-driven projects associated with the aerospace industry in Bengaluru. His innovative strategies aligned with a robust operation plan will propel the growth of the manufacturing department of Ebenus.

Chief Technology Officer

Mrs. Saraswathi V R

Saraswathi V R, having 24+ years of experience, provides Ebenus with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in enterprise applications and product maintenance worldwide across the technology sector. Her outstanding mentorship and steadfast leadership led to high-impact performances by the Ebenus team. As a PMI-certified professional, she excels at project management, product development, and Information Technology solutions.

Head of Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Gangadhar NH

Possessing over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing engineering department. Mr. Gangadhar provides Ebenus with solid supply chain expertise and quality assurance approaches. Before Ebenus, he remained associated with many reputed corporate organizations, such as Bosch and Tata Power Solar, in the manufacturing sector. As a seasoned leader, his proficiency encompasses New product development like Heat pumps, Fuel cells, Solar thermals, Manufacturing management, and Supply chain management.

Head of Operations in Civil

Mr. Leo Vincent

Leo Vincent is the head of operations for the Civil engineering sector. With 12+ years of practical experience in civil functions, he has always focused on delivering innovative and result-driven design solutions in civil engineering departments. In the early days of his career, he handled various projects and succeeded in global and domestic civil operations as a junior engineer. After joining Ebenus in 2021, Mr. Vincent has enlightened our engineering and technical support team concerning industry dynamics and engineering advancements.