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7+ years of well-constructed experience in delivering and implementing seamless engineering solutions spanning the Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and General industries. We build a culture of quality engineering with robust teamwork, ingenuity, and technology supported by exceptionally diverse staff.

With a fully concentrated approach in designing and operations, the potent team of Ebenus integrate the highly functional system to accomplish solutions of unmatched degree and economically viable.

From ideation to structure assemblage, designing to digitisation, process planning, programming, development to support, and automation — our trained industry specialists oversee all end-to-end project frameworks and all-inclusive solutions in the manufacturing environment.

With Ebenus, explore pragmatic ways to cut-off product and operational costs, stimulate productivity and effectiveness, create collaborative, integrated, and cognitive supply chains, and secure a competitive edge by optimising our exceptional engineering solutions. 


3D Printing

Innovative 3D printing solution for one-of-a-kind and first products to fast-track Additive manufacturing projects.


Altering brick-and-mortar manufacturing processes by providing state-of-the-art automation solutions for industrial settings.

NC Programming

Delivers multi-dimensional CNC and NC programming support for manufacturing set-ups for utmost precision.
Ebenus design solutions
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Consistency. Ingenuity. Perseverance.

The team of global experts at Ebenus helps us develop our concepts into real products on time. Designed by keeping the new-gen business requirements in mind, our solutions are designated to meet client’s expectations regardless of industry domains through rigid techniques and engineering practices and seamless integration to elevate growth with customised strategies.

Our Area of Expertise

Design robust manufacturing tools and mechanisms with our handful of expertise, seamless methodologies and premium offerings:

Manufacturing and assessment (test) systems, cells, station design, lines, and simulation.
Measurements, automation, simulation of control, mechatronics.
Design, modelling, and motion simulation in manufacturing engineering.
Design of Jigs, fixtures, and tools.
Managing projects.
Tailored Microsoft Office solutions.
Installing management systems in place (Quality, Environmental, Efficiency).
Process improvement techniques include Six Sigma, Group Technology, and Lean Manufacturing.


Optimise business efficiency and outline flexible designs to thrive in an increasingly converged and uncertain world.


Create an agile manufacturing plant by incorporating systems and tying people, innovation, technologies, and machines.


Cut-off excess cost with uncompromised and quality engineering to become more resilient to future anticipations.


Rest assured of utmost safety while working with a fast-paced and challenging team of engineers.
Ebenus Culture Framework

An Advanced Engineering Version

At Ebenus, our experts only focus on broadcasting standardised metrics to deliver the highest quality and consolidated trailblazing engineering practice to help companies achieve maximum accuracy.
Focus on agile, secured, and flexible connections for smart industries.
Keep pace with the ever-evolving market dynamics.
Strengthen human-machine interactions to reduce system failures and stimulate industrial output.
Surpassing customer expectations by delivering more.
Automate processes to eliminate bottlenecks and fine-tune best practices.
Using data and analytics, elevate industrial production.

Deliverable SchemasMore From EbenusSchemas

Invariably delivering intelligent manufacturing solutions through supreme engineering, contemporise machinery, and CNC and NC Program services. From mechanism ideation to manufacturing and delivery - dramatically adopt clicks-and-mortar solutions for more practical, vigorous, and functional solutions.


Ebenus process management planning combines skills, knowledge, tools, tech-driven mechanism and system to meet unique company requirements.


Ebenus takes pride in delivering excellent manufacturing. Our design team optimises the entire product design lifecycle for higher outputs, maximum performance, and faster time-to-market.


We work with individual clients proactively with the highest transparency and accountability to deliver complete program management and manufacturing process visibility.


Our experts ensure final testing and quick prototyping for maximum reliability and durability of any manufactured device with great benefits.
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