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Since 2016

Ebenus has been a globally trusted engineering solution-providing firm, collaborating with clients to resolve industrial roadblocks and strengthen the foundation for the next generations.

At Ebenus, from building the infrastructure and communities to defining public space with architectural designs for assembling engineering and utility systems, we envision resolving complex business challenges and creating the world a superior and safer place for you. We take business consultation and reverse engineering on a strict note that has made it possible to synchronise cutting-edge technologies with stalwart industrial leadership.

Over the last 7+ years, Ebenus has unfolded its expertise and industry know-how to become a prominent, high-scaling engineering solutions company. On the background of dynamic market competitiveness, we have entangled innovation, technical orchestration and agility into holistic organisational culture.

We have undertaken several positive measures to strategically incorporate the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Augmented Reality, contemporary construction technology, and Blockchain with tech-enabled and data-driven practices to address ever-changing business concerns.

Artificial intelligence

Efficient workflow and prompt decision-making in civil engineering projects.

Blockchain Technology

Functional procurement strategies with smooth cost management adopting digital ledger facilities.

IoT and Big Data

Leading milestones for winning projects while reducing downtime significantly.
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Move Ahead with Successful Digital Transformation!

Navigated by Industry 4.0, Ebenus has assembled advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Augmented Reality for fortifying next-generation enterprises.

Ebenus is a prestigious establishment with promising solutions in both global and national markets. Aligned with the newest AEC practices and ever-changing clients’ requirements, we are continually wide-spreading our footprints to offer tangible facilities to ensure satisfied clients’ experiences.

Our steeping industry expertise assists in contriving the cornerstone for systematic organisational management. We adopt architectural nitty-gritty and seamless mechanisms that render the optimised solution at reduced downtime. By teaming up with Ebenus, you can rest assured about the following:

Quality assurance
On-time project delivery
Stringent predictability
Resilient IT infrastructure

01Paper To CAD Conversion

Convert architectural sketches into error-free CAD drawings! Our experts can convert the raw design into a 2D/ 3D format through practical Building Information Modeling.

02Construction Drawing Service

We endorse a systematic approach to bring forth construction or civil engineering drawings! We are a PRO in Modelling, MEP, and 2D & 3D SketchUp.

03Design & Drafting Services

4D Simulation offers drafting and modelling, schematic walkthroughs, and expert-verified blueprints for business owners.


Discover the potencies of AR/VR technologies! We value the far-reaching tech implications in the engineering domain and offer Blockchain technology.
Ebenus Innovation Scenario

Allied by A Common Ambition of Widespreading AEC Services

At Ebenus, dedicated engineers strive for design excellence with years of experience in overseas project delivery.
Autodesk Revit
Chief Architect
BIM 360

Incubate Opportunities with EbenusCaptivate. Conduct. Construct.Opportunities

Ebenus Solutions includes industrial automation, business consulting, technical staffing and more. Our team have industry specialisation to stipulate the cornerstone for next-gen offerings.


Allow engineers to customise building design with a graphical programming interface.

Virtual Reality

Virtually walkthrough BIM-enabled construction design and adopt realistic ideation.


Monitor multiple job sites from remote locations with IoT sensors to fortify secured AEC projects.


From XOEye smart glasses and Redpoint Positioning Safety Vest Sensors to Spot-r Wearable Sensor, its application in construction technology offer data-driven insights.
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