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Ebenus is the one-stop destination where Technology, Business Development, and Engineering synchronise seamlessly. We have established a distinct enterprise culture and teamwork, service excellence, and sequential innovation, having a bunch of extremely talented industry professionals and supportive leaders.

With a stellar reputation, we constantly strive to employ the latest IT innovations in the engineering discipline.

Ebenus, the top-tier professional engineering and business solutions provider, offers modernised, tech-enabled solutions tailored to align with dynamic business requirements. Our sole objective is to provide efficient IT assistance and achieve the desired project goals cost-effectively with the help of business intelligence and smart infrastructure.


End-to-end encrypted software solutions to stamp out data breaches.


IT/ITeS support that takes complete control over the manual system and eliminates human errors


Solution-specific app development for timely support and trouble-free accessibility.
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Bring Reliable IT Solutions Onboard

Make IT infrastructure stable and functional with Ebenus. With decades of industry expertise, robust leadership, and IT, Manufacturing and Engineering domain-specific knowledge, we diligently implement enterprise applications and tech components. Trust us to experience flexible SLAs and customised IT supports for your diverse business needs! 

For better value addition and to attract profitable ROI, we select intelligent software and avant-garde technologies to ensure comprehensive, continual and competitive support.

We offer state-of-art technology for outstanding responses and ensure profitable revenue in every project we onboard. At Ebenus, our engineers remain involved in every engineering segment to ensure the best software support from us. Leveraging the power of Robotics, AI, data analytics, and Industry 4.0, Ebenus creates different functional techniques to streamline  the conventional way of business operations because:

We stick to international-level SDLC and maintenance process
We believe in agility and scalability for futuristic operations.
We are a family of talented engineers who are dedicated to excellence.

01Business Intelligence

Overwhelming tech-driven support to get an edge over the competition.

02Data Integration

Appropriate use of mining and analytics allows developers to receive better insights.

03Research & Development

Our R&D experts have a sound grasp of state-of-the-art technologies.

04IoT-driven support

Bridging the gap between IT and engineering with predictive modelling, Industrial IoT and more.
Our IT Offerings

Intuitive. Automated. Encrypted.

From AI, IIoT and Big Data to Augmented Reality, we hold the leadership in all aspects of the IT/ITeS domain.
Secure support from our tech experts.
Implementation of bespoke technologies.
Collaboration with practical experience.
Business reinforcement for today and tomorrow.

Sustaining Digital TransformationEbenus Featured ServicesServices

We combine business intelligence and industry proficiencies to accelerate growth and opportunities and mitigate challenges.

Enterprise Application maintenance and support

Redefine operations with trained enterprise application maintenance and support from us.

Operations Management

Contrive unified IT strategies for better administration and hassle-free management.

Custom apps development

Convert business ideations into mobile applications elevating performances.

Product Development Services

Armed with automation, we assist SMEs in highly specialised product development.
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