About Us

About Us

Intelligence by Inheritance

Ebenus is an organisation that provides solution in Engineering and Manufacturing domain. We have strong knowledge in Engineering design, development, advanced processes and manufacturing. We offer wide range of solutions in the areas of Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics and IT domain. The activities includes Product concept, design, prototyping, manufacturing, testing and product development activities. Also, provide staffing services as per customer expectation

Ebenus is focused on providing cost effective and reliable solutions to customers across various engineering industries by leveraging technology expertise. “A journey of thousand miles begins with single step” is the inspiration for inception of Ebenus Solutions.

Ebenus is an Engineering organisation with “Intelligence by Inheritance” and having strong knowledge in engineering. To have dedicated focus on customer and business, Ebenus operates with five business verticals and offers Technical solutions and these domain areas. The staffing services will also be provided to suit the requirement of customer

Ebenus is specialized in manufacturing and assembly of precision components, fixtures, moulds and dies, fabrications with high quality, reduced cost and meeting. Ebenus has dedicated centre of Excellence for enabling every technical professional with latest tools and technologies essential for global engineering organizations. Developing a successful product and bringing it to market is more complicated than ever. Our project managers are engineers, designers, researchers and strategists. A vital element in the development of a new product is the prototype.

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