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We help you establish yourself successfully in the Indian market!

Indian Market offers great opportunities but not without complications

India is one of the fastest emerging economies today. The ever-increasing purchasing power capability of India makes it an area of immense potential. The country offers a very large customer base to tap into. Many Multinational companies have indeed managed to achieve tremendous success.

At the same time, India is also of the most complicated markets of the world. The intercultural aspects and the Language barrier pose a variety of challenges. The mindset of the employees, partners and customers are different. It can be a challenge for foreign companies to achieve success in their endeavors. But with the right partners, all possible gaps can be bridged. Our team of experienced professionals are ready to support you all the way. Irrespective of your plans and the branch you belong to, we can help you. We offer tailor-made solutions for our customers‘ needs keeping your costs at minimum.

Our services include:

Market-related Solutions

  • Market research and Benchmarking Services
  • Development of Sales network
  • Partnership or Joint-Venture services
  • End-customer-oriented services (Repair and Maintenance of Products, Spare-parts Management, Call Center services etc.)

Procurement Solutions

  • Recognising the right potential for different Sourcing possibilities
  • Finding the right partner for distribution/sourcing/local manufacturing
  • Supplier evaluation and selection
  • Supplier supervision & management
  • Supporting Audits and Compliance checks

Organization and Process Consulting

HR Consulting

  • Personnel planning
  • Support in defining the requirement
  • Organize the entire recruitment process including pre-screening of candidates

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