Engineering Solutions

Ebenus Engineering Motto: "Cost effective and reliable solutions on time"

Ebenus is focused on providing cost effective and reliable solutions to customers across various engineering industries by leveraging technology expertise, best practices and innovative business models to address long-term business objectives. Highly skilled and motivated team of competent engineers with industries experience under the guidance of domain experts executes challenging problems in the field of structural design, product design, manufacturing support and Tool design using high end engineering software tools.

Ebenus’s technological experts team render services to its customer by carrying out conventional services such as Digitization, Building 3D mosels, Digital Mock up activities (DMU), Electrical Wire harness design, Finite Element Meshing (FEM), and various simulations by using CAE tools.

Ebenus’s a decade long experience helpd in better understanding of customer’s requirements, enhanced maturity in operations and yielded robust project management process.

Ebenus Engineering services are on par with required international standards.

Prototyping / Testing

A vital element in the development of a new product is the prototype. It is the first example of an invention demonstrating form, fit and function. As a working model, it verifies the design with respect to tolerances and fit, ease of assembly, appearance, ergonomics and functionality under operating conditions. In short, the prototype converts an idea to practice.

At Ebenus we work with 3D printing (FDM/SLA), prototype shops, machine shops, plastic molders and fabricators, sheet metal shops, welders, and electrical & mechanical technicians to expedite the prototype fabrication quickly and effectively.

Ebenus has prototype testing of components and assemblies also in its portfolio. This will help our customers to arrive at design solutions in a single step by partnering with us.

1. Sample Machined Parts in Plastic or Metal

2. Soft Dies for Small Batch Proto Production

3. Rapid Prototypes in FDM/SLS/SLA Processes


Ebenus Staffing motto: "Right assessment of candidate is our business investment"

Ebenus offers range of Technical staffing services to suite the requirement of customer, starting from contract staffing to HR consultancy complimented by flexible models at optimal cost and time. Ebenus is working with some of the major IT, ITES and Non IT companies for providing Consultation & Staffing solutions. All Staffing activities are carried and monitored by technical professionals which help’s greatly in understanding the customer requirements accurately at first time.

Ebenus Staffing solutions Models are:

1. Group Recruitment.

2. Resource sharing & Contract Staffing.

Manufacturing of precision parts & assembly

Ebenus is specialized in manufacturing and assembly of precision components, fixtures, moulds and dies, fabrications with high quality, reduced cost and meeting strict timelines.

Ebenus and its partners have well established precision machining facilities to meet your high quality, low/high volume production/prototyping demands.

We are uniquely placed to continuously create opportunities for you to efficiently reduce lead time and costs using our best in class infrastructure, processes and industry knowledge.

1. Manufacturing of high precision parts with ferrous and non ferrous metals. tolerance from 10 microns

2. Plating, hardening and painting services (Nickel, Zinc, Anodizing, Blackening. etc.)

3. Gauges, jigs and fixtures


Ebenus Trainging motto: "Transforming Qualification into Skilled Resource"

Ebenus has dedicated centre of Excellence for enabling every technical professional with latest tools and technologies essential for global engineering organizations. Offering wide range of Training programs for students.

We offer CAD trainings on Unigraphics, Catia, Pro/e, Solid Works, GD&T…

Also provide trainings on CAM (computered aided machining)

Ebenus is known across the industry for its high-quality of teaching methodologies, courseware and lab assignments and state of the art infrastructure. Training programs are designed in a way to suit the various needs of the industry. These programs concentrate more on the quick adaption of advanced engineering software tools in the design-to-manufacture environment for better results.

Strong association with OEM’s and Global engineering companies has helped Ebenus in providing trainings using cutting-edge tools & technologies to the engineering community at large. UNIQUE approach of our training includes software tool training blended with domain knowledge and case studies/projects.

Ebenus gives the unique blend of classroom learning and industry exposure.

Product Development

Developing a successful product and bringing it to market is more complicated than ever. Our project managers are engineers, designers, researchers and strategists who understand the inputs and outputs of creating inspiring ideas that become inspired (and successful) products.

We, as an Ebenus, committed towards Customer satisfaction by providing relentless, distinctive, high quality services starting from digital conversions through product concept design to prototype and post design processes in an innovative, end-to-end solutions approach.



  • Methods (process) planning for CNC components.
  • CNC Programming for 3 and 5 Axis Machine using Catia V5 and Unigraphics.
  • CNC Programming for turn/Mill machines.
  • Optimization of existing programmes to improve production.
  • Build post processor for 3 and 5 axis machines with different kinematics.
  • Validate G codes with machine simulation using vericut software.
  • Shop floor support


  • Jigs and fixtures for CNC machines
  • Checking fixtures.
  • Sheet metal forming tools.
  • Assembly tooling and detail tooling
  • Composite tooling
  • Ground handling equipment

Machines supported :

Mandelli, Macboremill, Makino, Cincinnati, Intertec, Boko, Rambodi, Ingersoll, SNK Router, Axa, Gantry, WFL, BFW


  • Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment processes and their relevance to Design and Application
  • Design related Material Properties
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Engineering Materials


  • Product Life Prediction, Reliability Growth Management (RGM) Techniques
  • Durability Tests, Vibration Measurement & Tests, Climatic Tests
  • Failure Mechanism and Failure Modes